LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.7 has several new exciting features and these are:

Enhanced lip-synch
Quality of lip-synch can be enhanced by using text files in addition to a speech record in a sound file.  The phoneme editor also allows generating phonemes from any entered English text files.  The new phoneme editor interface makes editing much faster and easier.

Movie as a reference.
Movie films can now be used as a reference for animating.  Comparing character animation with the record of an actor face motion on a frame by frame basis makes animation more accurate and reduces time greatly.

Realistic textures just from photos.
Realistic texturing becomes easier with a new feature of baking a face texture from several photos.  Photos can now be used both for head modeling and for creating face texture.

Full featured Undo/Redo
Full featured Undo/Redo has been implemented so that artists need not make snapshots manually. More than a hundred history levels are available. Recovery from a system crash is also supported.


includes plug-ins both for 3ds max and for Maya.