The full professional package for TV graphics, animation movies, adverts, web graphics, games, etc that allows animating your own models which are not based on the default LS:HEAD templates. Even talking animal or any other objects can be pre-produced in 3ds max and Maya and animated in LIFESTUDIO:HEAD. The package includes LS:HEAD Editor, Import-Export plug-ins and MusclesSetup plug-ins for both Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. The full integration with the latest versions of 3ds max and Maya is provided.

With LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Pro an artist can model a highly realistic human or non-human head, and then animate it, using the existing libraries of facial expressions and automated lip-synch. Any model produced in the program is ready to speak and perform. More than that, all library animations, and most of those you'd create yourself, are model-independent. This means, if you transfer the source muscles to your own model and import it to LIFESTUDIO:HEAD, you'll be able to use automated lip-synch as well as any animation sequences created for other characters.

The package comprises all the features and components of the Artist package, and also the Muscles Setup plug-ins for both 3ds Max and Maya. Using these plug-ins for 3ds max and Maya you can pre-produce a unique model and import it to LIFESTUDIO:HEAD, or enhance a model created in LS:HEAD with new components (such as hair meshes, hats, glasses, shoulders etc.) or animated details just adding a few animation muscles to the default prototype (for example animate hair, collar etc.). The models and animations created in LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Pro can be exported to 3ds max and Maya projects, or key frames can be saved as meshes in OBJ format, or saved as images in TGA formats, or rendered as AVI movies with backgrounds.

What you can do with LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Pro

- Use any head created in 3ds max and Maya or adjust a model created from a prototype in Editor.
- Embed animation controls in 3ds Max and Maya using Muscles Setup plug-in.
- Export the head as GDP file to allow facial animation.
- Animate the head (including lip-synch) within Editor.
- Export head file (GDP), and attach it to body in 3ds max and Maya with the help of Import/Export plug-in.
- Play any facial animation created in Editor (files MMS and MMA) along with the skeleton animation. No OBJ file is needed to import animation from Editor.
- Render the scene in 3ds max and Maya.