The facial animation software provides the tools to create and animate realistic human characters based on standard templates and apply automated lip-synch. This package allows creating presentations, tutorials and web graphics.

The LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.7 package compounds an impressive set of features supported by the original Macro-Muscles technology. Among those are:

Easy modeling
You start with a neutral un-textured prototype head. By manipulating sliders you define general character features like gender, age, race, and proportions as well as subtle nuances of particular facial features. A random head generator is also available. To get realistic character you may furnish your newly created head with different hair styles, add glasses, hats and supply with a costume.

Realistic texturing
You can blend semi-transparent textures right on the model's face, feature by feature; you can make multiple overlays controlled by level of opacity; you can add textures of your own, or edit those shipped with the comprehensive texture library.

Automated lip-synch
Provided you have a speech record (WAV, OGG or MP3 file) and a model created in LS:HEAD, you are just two mouse clicks away from a lip-synch animation. The new original speech analysis technology parses a sound file and automatically generates animation tracks with a mouth form. The automated lip-synch does not depend on any language, it only depends on the recording quality.

Facial animation
LIFESTUDIO:HEAD comes with a library of emotions and animation fragments that allows you to complete all artwork required for basic facial animation in hours instead of months. Powerful tools, including multi-channel sequencer with a tree structure, intuitive spline controls, and ability to customize Macro-MusclesŪ controlling specific facial expressions satisfy a most demanding artist.

Saving results
The models and animations created in LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Editor can be stored as an AVI file with still background or a series of meshes at key frames in OBJ format, or a series of images at key frames in TGA format.

What you can do with LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.7 Editor:

- Create a head from a prototype using head feature sliders for making head shape and constructing a texture within Editor. You also may use any of about sixty ready-made heads from the sample folder as a starting point and adjust form and texture.
- Tweak textures in any 2D editor if needed.
- Animate the head (including lipsynch) within Editor.
- Publish the animation in a form of movie or series of OBJ files or a series of TGA