This package provides the tools to create and animate realistic human characters based on standard templates for TV graphics, animation movies, adverts, web graphic and games. The package includes LS:HEAD Editor and Import-Export plug-in for 3ds max or Maya. The models created in LS:HEAD can be exported to 3ds max or Maya for integrating with character bodies and rendering the resulting scene. The full integration with the latest versions of 3ds max or Maya is provided. 

The head models and animations created in LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Editor can be exported to 3ds max or Maya projects for attaching head mesh to character body mesh and linking head bone to skeleton for animation and rendering. Import-Export plug-in is used for this purpose. Import-Export plug-in supports latest versions of 3ds max and Maya. LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.6 Artist does not allow importing your own model. You can do that with LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.7 Pro.

What you can do with LIFESTUDIO: HEAD 2.7 Artist
- Create a head from prototype using head feature sliders for making head shape and constructing a texture within Editor. You also may use any of about sixty ready-made heads from the sample folder as a starting point and adjust form and texture.
- Tweak texture in any 2D editor if needed.
- Animate the head (including lip-synch) within Editor.
- Export head file (GDP), and attach it to body in 3ds max or Maya with the help of Import/Export plug-in.
- Play any facial animation created in Editor (files MMS and MMA) along with the skeleton animation. No OBJ file is needed to import animation from Editor.
- Render the scene in 3ds max or Maya.