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  • Stand alone or integrated into max & Maya
  • Fully constructed but modifiable muscle masks included
  • Real Time lip-synching via .WAV
  • Based on Manipulative Phonic structures
  • Human or fantasy head choices
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Today JoWooD Productions releases German and English versions of Silent Storm in Europe

31.10.2003  Silent Storm developed by Nival Interactive was the first game to use LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK. The release date for the US market is set to January 20, 2004, and for Japan to Q1 2004.

Among the other cool things, Silent Storm features a unique character editor that allows creating faces of your own heroes: choosing personality, culture, face features and individual haircuts. The edited characters are extremely lifelike and respond with movie-quality lip-synching and facial animation. Thanks to LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK and its sophisticated technology it is possible to overlay lip-synch with variable emotions depending on AI commands in the game run-time, and to exchange animations between different head models.

About Nival Interactive: Nival Interactive is Russia’s leading game developer, and also the largest, with four development teams and a staff of over 100 experienced and dedicated professionals. Since the company"s inception in 1996, Nival has firmly established its presence in the international gaming industry through constant innovation. Past titles include original role-playing/strategy games like the ‘Rage of Mages’ series and ‘Evil Islands’, as well as the 3D turn-based strategy ‘Etherlords’. In 2003 Nival has released Blitzkrieg, a chart-topping WWII RTS game, Etherlords II, a fantasy adventure RPG with tactical card-based combat, and Silent Storm – a turn-based tactical combat game set in WWII.

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