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  • Stand alone or integrated into max & Maya
  • Fully constructed but modifiable muscle masks included
  • Real Time lip-synching via .WAV
  • Based on Manipulative Phonic structures
  • Human or fantasy head choices
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Lifemode Interactive launches LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.6 SDK at Moscow’s GDC

18.02.2004  Lifemode Interactive releases their new demo-version of their innovative real-time facial animation package LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.6. The demo is being released in time for the Moscow Game Developers Conference taking place between 20th and 22nd February, at Cosmos Hotel, Moscow.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK has already been licensed by several top Russian & UK studios; including Nival Interactive, 1C, Gaijin Entertainment, Buka, G5 Software, and FireFly Studios based in the UK.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD technology is aimed at computer character animation in real-time. The new version of 2.6 has been upgraded following a lot of input from many users. Here are some of the new features:
The automated lip-synch has been significantly improved;
Sound recognition does not depend on a language now;
Generation of mouth forms makes manual fine-tuning of articulation easy;
Voice definition files implement each speaker voice portrait to improve lip-synch quality.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD now supports plenty of formats of texture and sound files. Several photos or sketches can be overlaid on a head as a reference of a target character. Intermediate snap-shots of the project help avoiding big losses in case of mistake or computer failure. Creating animation becomes now much easier, thanks to a much friendlier sequencer interface and additional handy features.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK makes it possible to implement in game a user-guided characters editor, AI controlled character generation, AI controlled real time facial animation and more. New API of version 2.6 supports vertex shaders, sequence blending and much more.

Game projects that have used Lifemode’s real time character animation package include Russia’s best strategy game of 2003 Nival’s ‘Silent Storm’ as well as 1C/Gaijin Entertainment’s 3D action game ‘Bumer’ (Gangsta Ride). Several new innovative game projects are due for release in 2004. An FPS The Stalin Subway developed by Buka/G5 Software. Pathologic by Buka/Ice-pick Lodge which is an experimental title in the genre of horror survival. And the UK is eagerly waiting for FireFly’s new title, using LIFESTUDIO:HEAD, set for release in 2005. There is a number of other games projects in the pipeline, but it’s too early to release details.

For information regarding the Moscow GDC, visit The GDC will also contain a special featured lecture entitled “Effective pipeline to create facial animation” by Sergey Tsyptsyn, that will take place on 22nd February at 11am.

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