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Lifemode launches LS:HEAD 2.6 box in USA and Germany

08.07.2004  Lifemode Interactive announces that it has signed two more reseller agreements with Novedge LLC to distribute LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® 2.6 box version throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and with weltenbauer. throughout  Germany.

The products are available in three versions: LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® 2.6 Standard Editor Package, LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® 2.6 Standard Artist Package, and LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® 2.6 Pro Package. They are also available by electronic download as well as box shipment directly from weltenbauer. in Germany and Novedge in USA.

All USA sales enquiries will be provided by Novedge LLC and you can contact them for prices and availability either by telephoning +1 (866) 362 8970 or by visiting the website

All Germany sales enquiries, technical support and customer service will be provided by weltenbauer. and you can contact them for prices and availability either by telephoning +49 (0)6 11-72 48 201 or by visiting the website

About Novedge:
Novedge LLC is a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA, that operates the leading online store of CAD/CAM software and accessories. Thanks to its large catalog and unique interactive technology, Novedge offers a comprehensive and unparalleled way to find and purchase design and manufacturing software online.
For more information about Novedge, visit the company’s site at, or send email to
Contact details: toll-free phone: +1 (866) 362 8970; fax: +1 (415) 974 6692.

About weltenbauer.:
weltenbauer. is a team of professionals specializing in consulting and sales, training and development of new tools for 3D Graphics and Animation, Compositing, Digital Video and Real-time 3D Applications. We invent new concepts without boundaries – in means of platform, O/S, individual or packaged software/hardware solution – and turn them into reality for our customers. Whether you purchase a specific software package from weltenbauer. or an individually for you specified 3D Workstation or a High-End Renderfarm – we always find the most inventive, stable and cost-effective solution for our customers. We concentrate our own development on real-time 3D and VR Systems. In means of service we focus on systems consulting and 3D Real-time presentation systems. Our partners are companies such as Alias, Discreet, yello! or more3D.
Contact details: phone +49 (0)6 11-72 48 201; fax +49 (0)6 11-72 48 203; e-mail:;

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