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  • Stand alone or integrated into max & Maya
  • Fully constructed but modifiable muscle masks included
  • Real Time lip-synching via .WAV
  • Based on Manipulative Phonic structures
  • Human or fantasy head choices
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LIFESTUDIO:HEAD  2.7 Editor Trial

Download your free Trial copy of the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.7 Editor and start working with the program right away.

Please note that the Trial doesn't include the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Plug-Ins and SDK. To try LS:HEAD animations in 3ds max or Maya, download the PLayer Plug-Ins below. For LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK evaluation, please contact sales.

You are supposed to use LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Trial for evaluation only and not for production of commercial stuff. This is why when you exercise the Save AVI command, it will save AVI movies with a thin grid over it.

Download (~350 Mb ZIP)
LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Editor Trial with a full set of examples.

Download (~50 Mb ZIP)
LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Editor Trial with a shortened set of examples (Quick Tour).
    System requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP 
  • CPU 1000MHz or higher
  • 256 Mbytes RAM
  • 500 Mbytes free hard disk space
  • Hardware accelerated OpenGL videocard


The LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Player plug-ins allow you to evaluate LIFESTUDIO:HEAD animations in 3ds max or Maya scenes (ready-made demo scenes are included with the plug-ins). The Players are restricted versions of the full-function LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Import-Export plug-ins for 3ds max and Maya.

Note: Player plug-ins only allow you to playback the already inserted LIFESTUDIO:HEAD animations; you won't add LIFESTUDIO:HEAD animations to your own 3ds max or Maya scenes.

Download (10,4 MB ZIP)
LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Player for 3ds Max (versions up to 2010 supported)
(also included are four sample 3ds max scenes with LS:HEAD animations,
for different levels of detail).

Download (9,56 MB ZIP)
(also included is a sample Maya scene with LS:HEAD animations).

Plug-In Installation:
Unzip files from the downloaded file
  to a directory of your choice;
follow instructions in the ReadMe.txt file.


Please contact sales on or by phone at +7 (495) 236 5912 for further information related to SDK evaluation version or licensing for your particular project. A Lifemode representative will be in touch with you if you qualify for an evaluation package.

LIFESTUDIO:LIPSYNC 1.0  Plug-In for Maya Trial

This Trial provides access to the LIFESTUDIO:LIPSYNC data in a Maya scene. You are free to use the data to animate any head models - the ones shipped with the Trial or your own models. You also may try different animation control schemes - blendshapes, driven keys etc.

Note: The Trial is a restricted version of the LIFESTUDIO:LIPSYNC  plug-in for Maya. While the full-function plug-in allows loading different sound files to generate lip-sync,  in the Trial the LifeMode menu is disabled. So you can only use the data built in the sample scenes.

Download (~20 Mb ZIP)
(also included are sample Maya scenes with the precomputed LS:LIPSYNC data).

Plug-In Installation:
Unzip files from the downloaded file
  to a directory of your choice;
follow instructions in the ReadMe.txt file.

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