Lifemode Interactive is a privately owned independent software company specializing in development of games-related technologies, software tools and SDKs for game developers, 3D art studios and web designers.

Lifemode Interactive was founded in 2000.
Its vision To develop comprehensive solutions for 3D character creation.
Its mission To deliver pioneering technology in facial animation for games developers and various multimedia applications.

Lifemode software is developed by a strong team of about 20 skilled specialists in art, programming and game design. Most of them once formed the core team of Animatek International, a leading Russian-American graphics and software house through the nineties, and produced numerous projects for the likes of Square of Japan, SegaSoft USA, Maxis and GT Interactive.


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Lifemode Interactive Ltd.,
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115093 Moscow, Russian Federation
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Lifemode Interactive, Corp.
One Sansome Street, Suite 1400,
San Francisco, CA 94104
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